The BC Lung Screen Trial is a study led by Dr. Stephen Lam (Respiratory Medicine), Dr. John Yee (Thoracic Surgery), Dr. Renelle Myers (Respiratory Medicine) and Dr. John Mayo (Radiology) at the Vancouver General Hospital in association with BC Cancer. This study aims to improve lung cancer survival rates through early detection using low dose CT scans.

What's Involved

As part of this study, participants will receive a lung function test and blood test. Current smokers will receive free smoking cessation counselling through the QuitNow program. Participants who are at high risk for lung cancer will also be offered a low-radiation CT scan to search the lungs for the signs of lung cancer, as well as other lung diseases including emphysema/COPD. Participants will also receive information on their heart health as part of the CT scan.

The BC Lung Screen Trial offers comprehensive treatment for those diagnosed with lung cancer and other lung conditions through the study by their world-class team of physicians.


The BC Lung Screen Trial is based at the Vancouver General Hospital, the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, and the BC Cancer Vancouver Centre. 

Contact Information

The BC Lung Screen Trial
The Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre
Floor 7- 2775 Laurel Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 0A5
Phone: 604-675-8088